G’day! I’m Andrea – a seriously open-minded antipodean on an Universal quest to (re)discover who I AM… really.

Obsessed with ancient history – the older the better (speaking from a simplistic linear time point of view, of course) – and human origins, my ears will perk up at anything extraordinary and (initially) unexplainable. However, I don’t subscribe to any established belief systems, either traditional or new age.

I’ve had a lot of strange experiences in my life and so have become a bit of a self-confessed nomad and explorer – forever searching for the answers to questions that I haven’t actually posed yet. I love to travel and I love to research… stuff. Getting lost in my thoughts is a favourite past-time, as is teaching my little girl that it’s far groovier to be distinct even if nobody else ‘gets’ you.

I’m an author of (meta) science fiction and fantasy; currently in the process of offloading some of my headspace and getting it published!

My motto is: Nonnullus populus scisco quare? EGO scisco, quidne? [Some people ask why; I ask, why not!]

I’ll write, you read… and I’ll leave it up to you to decide if it’s a thing of pure imagination, a factual retelling… or something else altogether!


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