For aeons many have sought to find me, though none ever will for I am no longer in your plane of existence.

In the beginning…

For 8 million years we existed in harmony within our time matrix. During this time, however, our evolution digressed due to genetic mixing and our race split in two. Coexistence was turbulent at best, with the aggressors seeking to dominate the more passive inhabitants. They were obsessed with harnessing the core energy of our planet which, it was believed, was a misuse of power that would ultimately culminate in an eruption. There were appeals to the Ancient Ones and thus a relocation plan was put into motion, with some of the original aggressors, perceiving the dangers ahead, defecting.

The inescapable disruption occurred in the planetary core and subsequently several parts of our world’s energetic grid system were ripped away. Those who escaped the disaster fled to subterranean cities elsewhere where they remain still. It took hundreds of millions of years for the fragmented core substance of our planet to break down to its basic energetic form, further reduce in frequency and equivalent spatial dimensions, and then amass matter to take on planetary forms. These planets now revolve around a central sun – your Sun – which exists within our reality’s third dimension.

That was five hundred and sixty million years ago, linear Earth time.

The first seeding of the human race began in earnest; those souls who chose to evolve on Earth bore the full brunt of their new existence as many experienced the weight of density for the first time. A number of establishing civilisations – made up of the original two races – and animal species were allowed to flourish. These ‘advanced’ cultures lived harmoniously, 25 million to 5.5 million years ago.

It seemed, though, that the errors of the past would be repeated. And it is here, where my story begins…

Water is a fundamental builder of life on our little blue-marble of a planet; our very beings are made of it. So it is fitting, then, that my world is surrounded by it. I grew up collecting shells along platinum shores, swimming with dolphins in the warm aquamarine depths on evenings of pin-pricked indigo skies, and eating luscious apples that came straight from my father’s vast groves. My title and my name matter not as I have no desire to be remembered across the multi-layered expanse of time.

Our civilisation is older than recorded time gives it credit, and although it is far superior in intellect than thought possible, we are still not able to escape our ancestral programming. The majority of us worship fake gods that I now know they are. And as always, it is the cloth of antiquity that obscures the light of progress.

A very long time ago, my people came to this land; we were refugees fleeing from a world that had finally given up on us after we had taken everything from her. Our stories, however, tell of our homecoming and I spent many a quiet hour mind-melding with my E-Sa orb, recalling the strengths and foibles of our past. These small metallic spheres, once held in the palm of the hand and focussed on, assumed a translucent lustre and projected a vision of whichever point in our genetic-ancestral history we requested of them.

My delving into the past brought me no peace these days as, now that I had come of age and had been inducted into the Inner Circle, my life was no longer my own… it belonged to the people. Still, I could run away in my head and I dreamt of the faraway worlds my ancestors were accustomed to visiting before the Fall.

Some day…

For now, affairs of state were to occupy my existence, as well as warding off the many suitors my father lined up for me on a regular basis. As his daughter, I was expected to marry to reinforce the ancestral line. It wasn’t that he didn’t believe in marrying for love; I knew that my father loved my mother dearly. But his position demanded that certain protocols be maintained, even if they were antiquated. I never understood this as surely the head of state had power enough to change our laws. Unfortunately for him, my disinterest in arranged marriages did not stem from plain rebelliousness. My twin flame and I had found one another but societal prejudices threatened to keep us apart… if they ever found out.

Ri-Turan was not of my people, in fact, not even of my species. He was a sea-dweller who would walk on land but once a cycle. Under the circumstances, perhaps our destinies were not truly aligned but as long as his light burned for me, so too would mine continue to burn for him. We had met two cycles ago during one of my twilight walks. He glistened in the near-moonlight as he emerged from the watery darkness and I remember thinking that he was the most perfect creature I had ever seen. We were one another’s complement in every way and our fierce friendship grew around us over time without us even realising it until the night he gave me his Or – Light – and then we were bonded forever.

If my father did not favour matches for me not of his own choosing, he definitely would not listen to reason should I ever mention Ri-Turan. Today was another day, though, and I made haste to the Central Ring where an urgent assembly of the Inner Circle had been called. The Pantheon of Twelve assembled in their allocated positions at the Round Table, noted dignitaries and community representatives alike. I represented the Right Arm of my father as his rightful successor, and often presided over gatherings on his behalf. On this occasion, however, the Pantheon was whole and accompanied by various members of the Guard and Mystics. I had not been advanced on the day’s agenda and by the looks of consternation being cast about the room, neither had most.

My father stood and addressed us all, and I felt a cold sweat break over me on seeing the shadow of despair and weight of responsibility bear down on his broad shoulders. “My friends, that time which we have long feared is upon us. The time of reckoning is at hand and – it seems – our hand has been played in spite of us. We must make ready to leave our home for the pending cataclysm we thought would not manifest has reached its apogee.”

A wave of loud grumbling swept throughout the gathering that instilled an instant fear in me, the likes of which I had never known. It may have been my ignorance, but I nevertheless voiced my misunderstanding to my father. “What has happened?” My father shifted his steely gaze to me and his demeanour softened immediately. “I am truly sorry, daughter… in my blindness to spare you unnecessary grief I neglected to tell you the full truth about our lot. You are familiar with the grounds for our ancestors’ flight to this world from our true home many lifetimes ago?” I nodded. “Then it is my deepest regret to confess to you that for the better part of our time here, the same forces that conspired against our very survival once have been working towards that end yet again. An eruption, we fear, of cataclysmic proportions is forecast!”

In spite of the news that in an instant shattered the only way of life I had ever known, all I could think about was Ri-Turan, and before I knew what I was doing I blurted out what could indeed become our undoing. “And what of the sea people? Surely it is our responsibility to warm them of this calamity.”

My father bellowed, “And what do you know of it?” I sank in my seat, immediately realising my mistake.

“I am merely pointing to the fact that we share this island with them and…” My father brutally cut me off.

“Share?!” he spat. “For years those savages have squandered our resources – there is nothing about what they do that equates to sharing!” To this I rose in challenge.

“You may think little of those people, father, but it is not they who have delivered us into this predicament! I insinuated to the fact that, as before, the oppressors’ intentions were known by our elders yet nothing was done until it came time to evacuate.

At that moment, almost as if on cue, a loud horn-like alarm echoed across the city. The Pantheon looked to one another in confusion and panic; then, finally, all eyes fell to my father whose last words stung my mind with reverberating accuracy. We were being evacuated.

It was time to leave my home.

– To be continued –